The Shologoo How-To Series.

If you are a beginner in all things web3, this will be the place to learn about this fascinating new world. Where we show you step by step how to navigate Shologoo

Adding Funds To Your Polygon (Matic) Wallet in Metamask

We will be using Moonpay to fund our wallets.

1. Sign up for a Moonpay account. We will go through the registration process with you here in this series.
Enter your email and continue.

2. After you enter your email and continue, you'll be sent a verification message to the email you provided. You need to enter the code in the email on the next page that Moonpay provides you. After you have completed, you should now be on the Moonpay homepage.

3. On the right side, click on the buy button, which I have circled for you so you know where it is located.

4. *Important* Make sure you buy on the Polygon Matic Network. The minimum amount to buy is £30.00. This will give you stacks of room to play with.

It's easier to pay by card. Enter details and continue.

Enter your details and continue.

Enter your card details and continue.

5.When setting up a new account with Moonpay, You have to verify with identification. It's just another way to protect your account. Choose perform a likeness check. It's faster. You have to upload a passport or driving license.

Again if your new to Moonpay you may have to take a quick quiz. Just to show you arn't going to put all your life savings into crypto. It's new legislation that has just come into effect this year.

6. OK last couple of steps. After completing the quiz. That was the hardest part of all of this. It gets much easier now. This is the fun part. Connecting your Moonpay account with Metamask and adding funds to your polygon(Matic). Back into Moonpay. So you should have a screen like this or similar. If not click on the buy button like before.

Click on where it says BTC. Do a search for Polygon. You are looking for where it says Polygon (Polygon) Matic Polygon. It should be the 3rd one down. Pop in £30 because that's the minimum amount as we said earlier. Click continue.

7. So now we are going back to metamask, and copying the address. The set of numbers and letters like in the picture on the right. All you have to do is click it and it will copy it for you.

Paste what you have just copied into the box in Moonpay. Click continue. If you have gone through all the steps correctly. On the confirm page should have your bank details and what you are buying. After double checking your wallet address. Click Pay.

8. Check your Metamask wallet, it can take upto 5 minutes to appear in your wallet so give it a little time.

Like I said, the setting up of Moonpay is the time consuming part. Hey you have come a long way. We have setup Metamask and setup funding the wallet. Well done you. Last step is to transfer funds over to Shologoo.

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